Quantum: Why and how will it change your business? Risks and opportunities of quantum

Sep 10, 2021 | 11:45 AM CEST - 12:30 PM CEST


In this conference, Pascale Senellart (Director of Research at the CNRS) and Olivier Ezratty (consultant and author) will present the link between recent advances in quantum physics and the associated industrial challenges, with their future use cases for companies (quantum computing, quantum metrology, quantum telecommunications and cryptography). In particular, they will show how the innovation cycle associates cutting-edge research in France with startups by illustrating it with the case of the startup Quandela that Pascale Senellart co-founded. How are these technologies key to future digital developments, particularly in industrial activities and telecommunications? Why is France mobilizing on this subject and what are the associated stakes?


Entrepreneurship & Digital transformation

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